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Tina Patzer

"We feel lucky to work with Cost Control Services. They make it painless, pleasant, and almost hassle free! Dealing with terminated employees is never pleasant, but before, during and after each hearing I am completely blown away. "

Vice President, Human Resources
Aetna Building Maintenance, Inc
Columbus, Oh

John E. Done

"We at Transfreight have been close business partners with Cost Control Services for several years and have the utmost respect for the technical and industrial skillset, together with expertise and professionalism with which they conduct themselves. Terry's integrity and commitment to his clientele are beyond normal expectations, and the information provided may always be relied upon in the decision-making process. I am not known as one in the habit of routinely providing undeserved letters of recommendation; however, a well-deserved recommendation is an exception, and that is certainly the case with Cost Control Services."

General Manager
Safety, Compliance & Transportation Services
Kitchener, ON Canada

David Alquist


I'm writing to thank you for all the hard work you have always put forth in handling all of the unemployment hearings for Atek Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. I’m quite certain that had you not been there to "orchestrate" at those hearings, we surely would have lost: which would have resulted in a raise in our unemployment tax. Your knowledge of state unemployment laws is an invaluable resource for any and all companies looking to control their company costs and help in eliminating any fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation.

Atek Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has and will continue to recommend and use your unemployment hearing, pre-employment screening, and drug testing services.

Please feel free to contact me should you or any of your current or future clients have any questions."


Atek Heating & Air Conditioning
Frederick, CO 80530

Cost Control Services